Requirements for connection of metal pipes

(1) Before connection, screw the pipe fittings on by hand to check the tightness of pipe threads. After hand screwing, the pipe thread shall have enough assembly allowance for screwing, otherwise, appropriate pipe fittings shall be selected or the thread cutting amount shall be adjusted when machining the thread.

(2) The packing shall be properly wound and the pipe fittings tightened.

The packing shall be thin and evenly wound on the external thread in a clockwise direction. When installing the pipe fittings, the packing shall be allowed to eat into the thread gap and shall not be squeezed out. Suitable pipe wrenches shall be used to make the thread connection tight and firm. The thread shall be tightened at one time and shall not be reversed. After tightening, the root of the thread shall have an exposed tail

(3) After thread connection, the appearance inspection shall be carried out to remove the exposed oil hemp. The damaged galvanized layer shall be subject to anti-corrosion treatment, which can be coated with two coats of anti rust paint and then silver powder.

(4) During threaded connection of galvanized steel pipes, non galvanized pipe fittings shall not be used, and galvanized steel pipes shall not be welded.


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