Liu Wenjun: Investment in the hometown gives me a sense of achievement

Liu Wenjun: Investment in the hometown gives me a sense of achievement

The picture shows the workers of Liaoning Jinyi Technology Development Co., Ltd. busy in the factory. Photographed by Wang Hua

In the northeast of the completed area of Dayushan Pump Industrial Park, there is a very quiet enterprise. There is no entry and exit of large vehicles, no placement and operation of large facilities and equipment, and several plants are ordinary and neat. However, when you walk into the factory, you can't help but be surprised, and you can feel more bright in front of you. A picture of vigorous production appears in front of you. This is Liaoning Jinyi Technology Development Co., Ltd., an enterprise with comprehensive strength ranking first in the country in the capillary field.

The first time I met Liu Wenjun, Chairman of Liaoning Jinyi Technology Development Co., Ltd., was at a forum on investment promotion in 2013. At that time, I was not impressed. I only knew that he was a Huludao citizen who was interested in returning to his hometown to invest. On February 14, the reporter saw Liu Wenjun again, and deeply felt that Liu Wenjun not only exuded the sense of determination from the Northeast, but also showed the wisdom and composure of businessmen in Jiangsu and Zhejiang. During the conversation, Liu Wenjun expressed most of his desire and confidence to invest in his hometown, return to his hometown and develop with his hometown.

Seeing the curiosity on the reporter's face, Liu Wenjun led the reporter to visit the enterprise and introduced in detail how he chose to return home for investment after years of development abroad.

Liu Wenjun, whose ancestral home is Suizhong, was born in Anhui Province and his father was a soldier. He spent his childhood and youth in Anhui and Zhejiang. At the age of 17, Liu Wenjun returned to Jinzhou and became a worker in the Huludao Shipyard at that time. From the apprenticeship, I learned the techniques of riveting and electric welding of car tongs with my master every day. At that time, Liu Wenjun was very diligent and always wanted to learn what he wanted to learn. The master liked him very much and taught him hand by hand. He also made rapid progress and soon could operate some workpieces independently. After working in the shipyard for more than 5 years, at the age of 23, Liu Wenjun was transferred to an enterprise in Jinzhou. Although he was in his early twenties, his excellent basic skills made him quickly adapt to the new working environment and posts, become a backbone of business and an excellent worker, and win an opportunity to go abroad for further study. Although it was only a few months of study, Liu Wenjun, who was smart and considerate, learned the advanced foreign technology in precision pipe manufacturing and brought back a solid skill. It was this skill that enabled him to become adept in the industry, and to always lead the development of the industry in his own entrepreneurship.

The foreign technology learned by Liu Wenjun soon realized the localization of products. However, as it is a new project and new product in China, it needs to be recognized by the market. Liu Wenjun also actively participated in the market promotion of products. As it is a leading technology and product in China, and widely used, it was quickly accepted by the market.

In 2000, influenced by the market and enterprise operation, Liu Wenjun left his enterprise and went south to Yangzhou to start his own business. Using the idle equipment auctioned during the transformation of the southern enterprises, he founded Yangzhou Jinyi Precision Pipe Co., Ltd. in Yangzhou. With his knowledge of technology and management, and his customers in the south, Liu Wenjun's enterprises soon got on the right track, and their profits increased year by year. Liu Wenjun said that in order to win the market and be based on the market, technology and products must be first-class. Liu Wenjun introduced to the reporter that the finest and thinnest capillary tubes in China were first produced by them, and the technology was in line with that of Japan. Medical disposable needles were also the first to be produced. Speaking of these, Liu Wenjun was very calm. He said that from the external perspective, his own enterprises are not large in scale or high in output, but focus on strength and excellence. To do something is to do something leading in the industry. Perhaps the profit is not very high, but there is a problem of recognition, which is related to the brand and image of the enterprise. If an enterprise wants to develop well and achieve sustainable development, it must innovate in thinking, technology and products. Liu Wenjun said that this is one of the reasons why he returned to his hometown to invest.

Yangzhou Jinyi Precision Pipe Co., Ltd. has been developing smoothly in Yangzhou, but by 2013, the company had entered a "node". Due to enterprise planning and market demand, the original factory and production line can no longer meet the needs of enterprise development. To develop, we must expand investment and increase factory buildings. With this idea in mind, Liu Wenjun made an investigation in the local area, and also thought of investing in the hometown. However, he did not know much about the investment environment in his hometown, and the raw materials and customers were all in the south, which made him hesitate. Just when he was weighing around, his hometown invested in "olive branch". The leaders of Lianshan District Government communicated with him many times to introduce the economic development of Huludao, the opportunities it faces and the investment promotion policies of Dayushan Pump Industrial Park, which gave him a new understanding of his hometown.  

Liu Wenjun said: "The hometown complex has given me the idea of returning to the hometown for investment. The government leaders' pro business, pro people, pragmatic working attitude and single-minded development style have also deeply moved me, which has enabled me to move forward with returning to the hometown for investment."

At the end of 2013, Liu Wenjun's investment project was officially signed, covering 16000 square meters. The approval and construction of the project have been supported and assisted by the municipal governments and relevant functional departments, and the "personal" services of the Dayushan Park Management Committee have accelerated the pace of project construction. After a year of construction in 2014, the company was officially put into production in 2015. In the past two years, Liu Wenjun has introduced TIG welded pipe production lines from Japan and South Korea and trained a number of first-class professional designers and production managers. The precision stainless steel tubes, stainless steel capillaries, stainless steel water meter tubes, stainless steel temperature controllers, stainless steel condenser tubes, stainless steel antenna tubes, and electrical supporting tubes produced by the company are well received by the market. The materials of various precision thin-walled stainless steel tubes such as ultra-fine and ultra-thin medical instrument tubes have reached the international advanced level, and the products are sold all over the world.

Liu Wenjun said the most in the interview to create wealth, benefit the society and return to his hometown. In order to put the enterprise into production as soon as possible, he recruited more than 30 young surplus labor from villages around Dayushan to Yangzhou Company for training. Nowadays, most of the nearly 70 employees in the enterprise are local people. Liu Wenjun treats his employees like his relatives in a clean dormitory with three meals a day. The employees are very comfortable and relieved to work here.

Zhang Fuchun is a local farmer, who used to do only some farm work and odd jobs. One year ago, I applied to Liu Wenjun's enterprise. I considered that as a female comrade, I should take care of my family more and apply for day shift. My salary has been around 3000 yuan. Sometimes I can earn 45 or 5000 yuan if I catch up with my busy schedule and work overtime. In the interview, the workers said that they were very happy to work here. The boss was very considerate of the workers. He did not give them much work and did not give them a holiday, so that they could earn their salaries as usual.

Liu Wenjun said that compared with the south, operating enterprises in Huludao has indeed increased many costs, but he will find it in management, constantly expanding the market and developing new products. Liu Wenjun pointed to a batch of pen making tubes that were being packaged for shipment and told reporters that although these things were small, they were leading in the country in terms of technology and products. At present, the tubes for pen tips of the top five pen making enterprises in the country were all their products. At present, some orders could not be processed, and they had to go to the production line.

Along the production line, we visited different processes and processes. Liu Wenjun pointed to different equipment and products and introduced them to reporters: this cleaning machine is developed and designed by us, and we will install the shell and the manipulator immediately; This equipment is still confidential at present, and we will soon apply for a patent... Liu Wenjun said that the competition in the industry is very fierce. As soon as many new products are listed in the domestic market, enterprises will soon follow the production, so we must constantly develop new products and expand new areas. Here, Liu Wenjun said that he did not like cross industry development, generally in the fields he was familiar with. With the increasing demand for high-quality stainless steel pipe series products at home and abroad, Liu Wenjun's business ideas are more and more open. Last year, he established Liaoning Jinyi Auto Parts Co., Ltd. in Dayushan Park, and successfully passed the TS16949 quality system certification. The company makes pipe fittings for automobile engines, and currently operates well.

Speaking about the enterprise he built himself, Liu Wenjun talked about his feelings of returning to the hometown to invest. Liu Wenjun said that he was not only very pleased but also had a sense of achievement in only four years since he decided to invest in Fishing Mountain and set up two companies in Huludao. Every step of the company's development has condensed its own efforts, and has received the care and help of governments at all levels and the park. At present, many departments and financial institutions take the initiative to provide door-to-door services for enterprises. In order to repay his hometown, he should make more contributions to Huludao in terms of tax payment and employment. He said that in 2016, the tax paid by enterprises was more than 1.4 million yuan. He hoped to expand the production scale, produce more new products and make more contributions this year.

Liu Wenjun said that in the context of revitalizing the northeast, Huludao's investment policy and business environment are undergoing profound changes, attracting investment and helping enterprises with unprecedented efforts. Now is the best time for successful entrepreneurs of Huludao to return. He hoped that more people can choose to return to their hometown to invest, and together with him, contribute to the development of Huludao.


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