2021 Liaoning Network Security Lecture Hall

The company leaders attached great importance to this study. If an enterprise wants to move forward, network informatization is essential, and network power is a big strategy in the new era and new development stage. Network security is a top priority, deepening information application and serving economic and social development. We should enable high-quality economic development, base ourselves on the new development stage, implement the new development concept, build a new development pattern, speed up the digital transformation of industries, realize the upgrading of the industrial base, modernize the industrial chain, and actively cultivate new models, new forms, and new industries; Accelerate the process of digital industrialization and realize the transformation of new and old driving forces; Give play to the role of data in improving total factor productivity, effectively reduce the transaction costs of the whole society, accelerate the construction of a modern industrial system, and achieve high-quality economic development. We should improve national governance capacity and public service level, accelerate national e-government construction, and build a collaborative and efficient government information resource sharing mechanism and system.  

Without network security, there will be no national security, no stable economic and social operation, and the interests of the broad masses of the people will be difficult to protect. We should establish a correct concept of network security, adhere to the principle that network security is for the people, and that network security depends on the people, adhere to the integrated development of network security education, technology, and industry, adhere to the unity of promoting development and managing according to law, adhere to the equal importance of security controllability and openness and innovation, promote network security as a whole, and build a solid cyberspace security barrier. Efforts were made to improve network protection, strictly implement the requirements of the Network Security Law and the responsibility system for network security work, strengthen network security inspection, strengthen the security protection of key information infrastructure, improve the network security monitoring and early warning and emergency response mechanism, and coordinate to deal with major network security incidents.

A new pattern of cooperation featuring deep integration and mutual benefit and win-win results will continue to enhance China's international voice and influence in cyberspace.

Through this study, the employees deeply realized the importance of network security. The company also better understood the far-reaching impact of network security on the company and society. With the development of the information industry, the company's network security will continue to improve, and the understanding of network information security will also continue to deepen, learn from experience, and build a network security defense line.


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